Henry Benish ("Lord Dudley")

The Beast


Theodore Eddy in "Theodore Eddy"

Uncle Billy

Charlie Davenport

Harold Hill.

Mr. K. in "The Snow Job"

Lionel Toop .


Walter Cunningham

Dr. Montague

Big Jule


Beef Saunders

Mike in "The Traveler" and Jack in "Stories By the Campfire"


Jonathan Brewster

Charlie Cotchipee

Albert Peterson

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Herman Schultz

Marcus Lycus

2nd Man

Robin L. Watkins​ ​SAG/AFTRA

The Storyteller

The Cowardly Lion

Sam Hastings

Colonel Hawthorne

Billy Dowton

Clement Musgrove

Hairy Man

Saul Kilmmer

Injun Joe